"Cindy Stiverson understands what it means to minister to women of all ages. Woven Women's ministry has provided a much needed outlet and place for community in our church. Each month ladies gather in small groups and spend time around God's word. Woven Ministry gives them a chance to minister to one another and enjoy the security of doing life with other people. I continually hear stories of life change and the benefits of these meetings.
Cindy has also added a component of community involvement and outreach. This too has allowed the Woven women to grow by doing things for other people outside their group.
I heartily recommend this ministry. It has been a tremendous asset in the continual struggle to disciple people and lead them into being authentic followers of Jesus Christ."~Wes Humble, Lead pastor
Newark Church of the Nazarene, Newark, Ohio

"Cindy Stiverson's Woven Women's Conference took us from attendee to empowered women of God!  We discovered who we are in Christ and learned how to step out of our comfort zones to become engaged outside the church walls.  Our spirits were filled with the Joy of the Lord and a fire was ignited to reach out in ways we had not dreamed.
Forty attendees signed up to help launch Gifted Hands Art and Recreation programs in Newark Ohio. These women will go into the places and spaces of the city where few dare to go. The women will be reaching unique population groups that have experienced life's trauma and stresses. Through the arts and hands-on love and recreational activities, Woven Women will "go ye into the world" and make a difference through loving acts of kindness. Woven Women are being the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities.
If you are seeking a conference speaker, I highly recommend that you invite Cindy Stiverson. Her anointed and empowering messages will make a difference in your women, in your church, and in your community."

~Dustee Hullinger
Founder & Director, Gifted Hands Ministry