About Woven

SINCE 1998,
thousands of women have found
encouragement, support, and friendship
through this unique ministry.

...YOU are invited to join them!

WOVEN was born through the prayers of one woman,
and has become the answer to prayer for numerous women...

I have to admit: it began out of my own need, my own longing for authentic, meaningful relationships with women. I was tired of pasting on the happy face, tired of Sunday morning two-sentence conversations: 
“Hi! How are you?”
“Good. How are you?”

Being a Christian woman is about belonging to a Sisterhood of mutual values, desires, and struggles. That was what I hungered for: to get into the trenches with other women, to really know them! In answer to my prayers, God unfolded the plans for Woven, with Colossians 2:2 as the purpose statement:
“I want you Woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God.” (The Message)

WOVEN is a ministry uniquely designed to nurture relationships among women.
  • It is an avenue through which you will become more intimately acquainted with yourself, with other women, and with the Lord.
  • You will discover a deeper point of connection within the body of Christ.
  • Monthly gatherings are divided into three segments: Getting To Know Your Hostess, Getting To Know Each Other, and Getting To Know The Lord.
  • The end result of all this knowing is to really come to know your True Self, the unique and amazing woman God created you to be.

I know how busy you are! That’s why WOVEN is a commitment of only one evening per month for 6-9 months per year. Each month consists of a brief scripture lesson with interactive questions, but there is No Homework! The focus is nurturing relationships!

Since its origins in 1998, I have written two Woven Workbooks. The introductory workbook is Woven: A Monthly Oasis for Women. The second workbook is on the subject of spiritual hospitality and entitled Entertaining Angels. In my travels and speaking, Woven has accompanied me throughout the US and South Africa. It has created a point of connection for thousands of women.

  • “Women of Virtue has given me the opportunity to experience a spiritual awareness.”
  • “Your discussion guide provided great sharing to unfold in the hearts of ladies at our Woven gathering. Thank you for providing meaningful material.”
  • “Carlene has been my sister-in-law for 25 years and I never really knew her until we were in the same WOVEN group. I am so thankful to be a part of this ministry.”
“My favorite testimony of WoVeN is the deep and loving friendship that developed between a 24-year-old college student and an 88-year-old grandmother. WoVeN bridged the generations and filled a need in both of these women.”

As Founder of Woven: Women of Virtue Network, it is my hope that this blogspot will become a place where women can nurture one another’s inner spirit, learn from one another’s experiences, be challenged to grow in our relationship with God, and become “Woven into a tapestry of love”.
I want to get to know YOU! Join the conversation! Leave your comments on this blog, or even better, talk to me about starting your own Woven ministry and get to know the women God has placed in your life!

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