Saturday, March 2, 2013

WEAVINGS: Woven Night of Worship!


That was the word I heard most as a result of our Woven Weekend Praise & Prayer Service last night. And we truly were!

God had been "breaking" me for the past two weeks leading up to this event. I believe Woven Worship Leader Melissa Anderson would say the same. There was no doubt He was seeking honesty, transparency, brokenness among His daughters. And that is what He accomplished.

I cannot even begin to express the wonder and glory of the evening. This photo is a beautiful representation, but nothing can capture the beauty of our God and the glory of His Holy Spirit in action. We brought our "filthy rags" to the Lord and He replaced them with a "garment of praise"!

Hearts were opened by the music, broken by my testimony, and changed by the grace of God. We tried to put it into words. The cardboard testimonies remain at the cross as a small piece of evidence of the "greater things than these" that God has promised to do in and through us.

Our hearts are overwhelmed with HIM.

"This is what Woven is!" One of my first year leaders proclaimed. "I really didn't know what Woven is, but now I do."

What a beautiful weaving of hearts; women openly sharing, caring, loving. And the good news: there's more to come! We get to spend today together.

I love you, Woven Women!

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