Thursday, February 7, 2013


by Cindy Stiverson

The word conjures up images of boxes...upon boxes...upon boxes. Our worldly goods packed for protection to get to the next location. It's quite an awakening to see all your "stuff" in the form of a box. Labeled, of course, to know which box contains which stuff. Unbelievable how many boxes that requires. Unbelievable how much stuff we accumulate.
What I am getting a grip on today does not fit in a box. Label me sentimental. The emotions I am feeling cannot be stuffed. As I've reminisced on the love seat in my upper room these past few mornings, I realize how much I will miss this space. My hubby carved this room out of the attic space above our garage. We never dreamed it would be likened to a small chapel and become my office, where words would be written that would travel around the globe: my beginnings in blogging, my first published works, my Woven lesssons, my speaking engagements.  We had no idea the amount of prayers that would be prayed in this room, the immense peace that would be found here, the intimate moments I would spend with my Lord. I will miss this space. It cannot be duplicated.
I remember moving here: 42 North Highland Court. We were pioneers setting foot on new land, planting a new church. The cathedral ceiling seemed so appropriate for core group meetings, planning and worshipping before actually launching our Sunday services. Memories etched in the very walls of our home with students, interns, college professors, friends, families who all played a role in the process. We were family. God gathered us and God sent us.
My "retreat room", where I fasted from civilization as I prayed and prepared to preach. The labor that took place in that room gave birth to new thoughts: God-thoughts to present to God's people. The extra special seasons of our lives when God blessed us with overnight and extended stay guests. That very same room became their respite before moving forward in God's plans. And more recently, it's the visual of grandbabes sleeping amongst the fluff of down comforter and pillows that brings joy to my heart. Oh the memories that abound in this place!
We are Moving.
Moving is a good thing. We are expectant of "greater things than these". We are moving closer to our children, closer to our church. We are moving forward in God's plan for our lives. We're saying, "Good-bye yesterday. Hello tomorrow!"


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