Thursday, February 28, 2013

THREADS: Lucy's Story

MY HEART IS BREAKING FOR OUR WOVEN SISTER LACY. Her baby LUCY was born 6 weeks premature. Her story is below. PLEASE PRAY! She has even provided the beautiful prayer following this story. JOIN THIS MOVEMENT OF PRAYER!


My Dear friends and family, February 27, 2013.

These are times when you can’t be ashamed to ask for an outreach of help. When you have to set your pride aside because the despair is so great, and your left feeling alone on your faith. All I know, is to keep my faith in God. To keep trusting in Gods’ plan. I am calling on all the children of God, neighbors, brothers, and sisters, I pray that this reaches you! I ask that we all join together in faith, in spirit, and in prayer. The hearts’ of my family are breaking in this hard time of desperation. We are suffering heart ache for my daughter Lucy, our 17 day old, precious baby girl.

Lucy Reign Hamilton was born on 2/10/13, she was 34wks 4days, 6wks premature. She stayed in the NICU for 8days, doing beautifully, she came home on 2/18/13. On 2/23/13 around 11:30pm she stopped breathing. By the time she got to the hospital, they were able to get her heart beat. She was life-flighted to the Children’s hospital in Columbus Ohio. Due to severe damage from lack of oxygen, she was put on a respirator, it sends oxygen to her heart, keeping her alive, our baby is on life support now.

The last 4days I would not put on anyone. All of the tests are done, and modern medicines’ telling us that there is no hope. That the damage is too great. They are telling us that Lucy, this beautiful, precious child has no brain activity. Though this is going on, I will NOT stray from God, nor has my faith wavered! My eyes look to God in our time of need. Nothing is impossible with God, and the power of prayer is real and alive, and with us. We as parents have found ourselves in one of the hardest situations to be faced with. This Saturday, March 2, 2013; between 11pm-12am, we have decided to take our precious baby Lucy off the respirator, making it 7days from this horrific event.

We are asking that you to light a candle to symbolize unity, and pray this prayer with us in this hour of darkness, bringing us together as one. I pray that we unify as warriors of faith, soldiers of God, creating an army of prayer to surround Lucy! Thank you for your support. God Bless, all of you.

Pray these words with us
“Dear Lord Jesus, we come to you now in these sad times, asking you for complete healing over Lucy’s mind, body, and soul. We ask you to smile down upon Lucy, renewing her with your Holy Spirit. God, we believe in you, your son is alive in us. By the power of prayer, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we look to you now to answer our plea. With the power of unity, we bring fourth with courage and strength, this prayer, to deliver Lucy. If it is that of your will, we ask you to bring her back to us whole. Let this child live and thrive and flourish. We are putting our faith in you Lord, when hope on earth is lost. You are the doer all things. God we thank you, for your unconditional love you have for us, for you are an awesome God. We lift Lucy up to you now, in Jesus name. You know our hearts’ Lord. We ask that you touch this situation with your perfect healing and love . We thank you in all that you do. In your precious name, Amen.”

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