Monday, January 7, 2013

WEAVINGS: The Gift of Innocence

WEAVINGS: The Gift of Innocence
by Dr. Morven Baker

For several wonderful days this past week, I was blessed to hear “Nana” when a wee one woke in the middle of the night, knowing my name was safe in her mouth. Her grandpa and I just grinned at each other in the dark when she & her big sister found their way to our bed at the beach cottage, and snuggled in for giggles and whispers before the sun got up. Both of us were recipients of spontaneous hugs from fat little arms being wrapped around our necks, and we just drank in all the sweet little kisses & “I love you’s” …. our little ones felt safe and we treasured their innocence.

It would be so pleasant to live in a bubble, believing that all little ones felt safe with their family members, that their innocence would be fiercely protected by those that they trusted. As one of our little ones got her first taste of a wave coming in towards her, she ran to us for rescue. At that second I was made aware of too many little ones who have no one to run to for rescue, because the one that should be their hero is the one who is causing their fear. Life is not safe, and a little one’s heart can be broken in seconds, and for thousands of precious poppets every day is a living hell.

Be kind today to the snarly teenager bagging your groceries, or his sullen colleague with piercings in multiple places on her beautiful face, to the raging driver in the other lane who cuts you off, to the neighbor who swears at your dog as you walk by … yes, they might all just be having a bad day, but they might also have been precious little ones who were locked in dark closets, beaten in alcoholic rages or sexually violated by grown ups whose job it was to protect them. Their emotional development may have frozen at that moment in time, and their wee hearts were shattered. We can’t go back & change their stories, but perhaps our smile, a genuine “thank you” or “good morning, Sam” might melt one of the bricks in their walls this morning.

It is a genuine pleasure to introduce Morven to you today. This beautiful woman is woven into the very threads of my life. Piece by intricate piece, she has been God's seamstress for me and many many others.
Thank you Morven, for your expertise and loving kindness! ~Cindy

Dr. Morven R. Baker, D.Min, PCC-S, NCC, has been in practice for over twenty years in both institutional and private practice settings. She founded the Ashland Women's Counseling Center, where she deals with a range of issues faced by women, especially those arising from sexual abuse and domestic abuse. A published author, Dr. Baker is a popular speaker and teacher, having taught classes and delivered lectures and workshops in the U.S.A and abroad.

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