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WEAVINGS: A Family Affair

WEAVINGS: A Family Affair
by Cindy Stiverson
"And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?" Micah 6:8
It's been eighteen years, four months, two weeks. I was faced with a decision that would change the course of my life forever. In a conversation with my then fourteen-year-old daughter, Nicole confided that she had been sexually abused:  by my husband. What does a wife do in this situation? How should a mother respond?

In my mind, there was no question. Although I loved my husband, my responsibility was to protect my child, to seek justice on her behalf. The thesaurus equates justice with righteousness. God's word agrees with that equation. Righteousness is an act of God performed within us when we accept Jesus Christ and live according to His word. This means we are in a "right" relationship with God. Righteous living requires that we not only live justly, but that we seek justice, fairness, "just" or right treatment for the underprivileged and mistreated. 
The decision I made in July of 1984 left me a widow. My husband decided to sacrifice his life rather than face justice. Yet, because of the sacrifice of the life of Jesus Christ, my choice of justice has spawned an incredible harvest of righteousness. God called me to ministry and gave my daughter a passionate mission to be a voice for the voiceless.
I am so grateful for God's incredible grace and mercy. When I chose to follow Him on that rag-tag journey into the unknown, He spoke to me the words He spoke to Abraham: that He would bless my seed and increase my numbers. He has and continues to birth my spiritual family.
I wanted to invite your heart to party with my heart today. I'm celebrating new birth! God has done and is doing incredible things. The latest adventure: my daughter's mission to the streets of Cambodia, seeking justice and righteousness for those enslaved in the sex trade.
Introducing my daughter, Nicole Bromley, One Voice Enterprises.

I was kept in the dark about much of what I would see and do here in Cambodia…and I understand why. (Click for original post about the mission). I would tend to believe I know a lot about sex trafficking; I network with many people in the field of awareness and advocacy; I even meet with and hear the heartbreaking stories of many survivors. However, nothing compares or could have prepared me for today.

I wish I could share their stories with you now; I wish I could share more pictures…I wish I could tell you everything, but unfortunately I cannot. You will have to wait to see and hear that in a couple of months. And this courageous film crew will have something worth waiting for, believe me. They are the real deal. And these trafficked girls and their stories are the most real thing I have ever heard, seen or experienced.

What they are living through is more than you would even want to try to wrap your mind around. I can’t yet put into words what was going on within me as I took long secret walks into frightening brothel rooms to meet 1 on 1 with the brave little girls who work in them.

Girls who are still enslaved.

Sitting together on the floor of her room that resembled more of a prison cell, holding her in my arms and weeping with her as she gave details of being sold and what her life now consists of…it was more than I could’ve prepared for or ever imagined. So much fear. Hope lost. Innocence taken. A little life completely stolen. It is more than any human could bear. It is sick. It is evil. It must be stopped.
That is why I am so honored to be a part of this mission to bring hope, help and to change the course of humanity. To have shared time with these girls, to speak hope and purpose into their hearts, to love them and to have even lead one of them to Christ…we must believe God is at work.

I cried hard today; but I still have hope.

Jesus and Life Outreach International are helping me keep hope alive as they do an incredible job of not only reaching these girls, but rescuing them and, most importantly, restoring them.

I am obviously not able to share as much with you as I would like, but I do hope you would continue to pray for the days ahead (and we have many): Continued protection and safety, for God to speak through and use me and the crew with every life encountered, for a successful process of the rescue of the precious ones I met today, and of course give God praise for what He has already done here! :)

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