Monday, October 8, 2012

WEAVINGS: Go With the Flow

WEAVINGS: Go With the Flow
by Kathleen Benis

“Set me free and rescue me from the mighty waters."
Psalm 144:7

I woke at five this morning with what I call foreboding thoughts. Ugly thoughts seemed to move over my mind like a virus. They threatened to take hold of my day, control me and create a battlefield in my mind. Thoughts that, like a dark cloud, threatened to steal my joy, darken my day.

Envision this frame of mind as an obstacle blocking the flow of water through a stream. Sure, the water can find a way over, under, or around the obstacle. But the force required for the water to pass the obstacle demonstrates how hard our minds must work to change our disposition.

Let's face it, how much control do we really have? If I am anxious, I am forced to make a choice.  I can focus on the hard work of my problem. Or, I can remind myself:
  • I didn't cause it.
  • I can't control it, and
  • I can't fix it.
Switching my focus away from my problem, I can turn to the Presence of Peace within me. It's not easy, but I keep focusing on allowing Jesus to “Set me free and rescue me from the mighty water”.

There are days when it may not look as if  anything will change. Nevertheless, I am tapping into the wellspring of Jesus. Gathering strength to maneuver around any obstacles that may arise.

Prayer clears my mind and heart of any fear. It brings me clarity to see what I can do to make a positive difference. I come away with divine direction and a peaceful flow to my life.

Troubled by negativity? Struggling in the battlefield of your mind? Drowning in the force of negative thoughts? Repeat the Psalm that Kathleen shared as your prayer today:

     Dear Jesus, "Set me free and rescue me from the mighty water."

Like a prescription for your mind, repeat as often as needed throughout your day!

We are Woven! That's why I am praying this with you. ~in love, Cindy


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