Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Woven Women NYC
by Cindy Stiverson

Sunday afternoon I sat at the head of a very long table, surrounded by women from many nations. Fifteen of us in all and only three Caucasians! I felt like Jesus, training up a new set of disciples. Beautiful, culturally diverse, and hungry for relationship, these women attended the Woven Group Leader Training at The Lambs Church of the Nazarene in New York City.
It appeared to be a quick harvest of seeds planted in June by our Woven Mission Team. But this has been a long-awaited moment, a heartfelt need realized and finally fulfilled. My dear friend Dustee Hullinger, Gifted Hands Ministry, and I have dreamt of this for years. Finally, it has come to pass! The first Woven Women's group at The Lambs Church has been launched. The first ministry to women, actually, in more than a decade at this church.
The time is ripe. This group of women will be gathering the first Sunday of each month. But there are also two very unique groups already in the works that will be meeting in other locations. As if this group is not already unique enough!
One of these women, Gaby, has developed a group through an online meeting site for matching people with similar interests. She has pioneered a small group of women who arrived at a coffee shop as total strangers in search of relationship. These women are not-yet-Christians. She will begin using the Woven curriculum to introduce them to scripture and to the Lord. (Insert Hallelujah Chorus here!)
Another of these women is stepping out to begin a Woven group among patients at The Rivington House, an aids facililty next door to The Lambs. This group will most likely meet weekly and use the Woven curriculum to direct their discussion one week per month. The other three weeks they will operate as a support group, fulfilling a great need in their broken and unpredictable lives. (Do I hear angels rejoicing?)
Oh my heart! Do I weep or simply rejoice?
Can I do both at the same time? Let's pray for these women as they overcome all obstacles to launch their groups. And, let's give God the glory and honor and praise He deserves in our lives today!
Will you please worship with me? WE ARE WOVEN!
These groups will be using the first Woven Workbook: "An Oasis for Women", based on Proverbs 31. Are you searching for relationships with women? This curriculum is perfect for beginning a small group ministry for women. It is designed with busy women in mind: low commitment, easy to follow and there is no homework! Contact me for more info:

I am a speaker, writer, artist and an ordained minister in the Church of the Nazarene. I lead the women at NewarkNaz in Newark, Ohio. In 1998, God gave me a vision for Woven: Women of Virtue Network. It's a blessing to be involved in so many women's lives. Sometimes I think my heart will burst.

So very thankful for my hubby Mark. Extremely proud of my daughter speaker/author Nicole and son-in-law Matthew Bromley. Love my grandsons Jude and Isaac beyond measure.

Loving the Lord with all my heart and leading others to do the same is the greatest joy of my life!


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