Monday, August 27, 2012


by Rachel Blevins

Three Dog Night sang “One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do...”, but “one” doesn't have to be lonely.

I can't remember when I first discovered the joys of a “time-out”, but I think it was during my pre-teen years when I lived in Grand Cayman. It's hard to have alone time in the midst of a family of eight; but if I hurried to get my chores done, I could steal away for a few minutes. After supper I loved to ride my bicycle just down the road by Dr. Roy's house to watch the sunset on the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

My granddaughter, Montana, stayed overnight when she was quite young. We were walking to the van and I told her how much I loved hanging out with her.

“Yea, me too. But sometimes I really like just hangin' out with myself!” she said.

“Yes, Grammer likes that too.”

That's pretty profound for a six-year-old child. It's a wonderful discovery and sadly some folks never do find the joy of some time alone.

I was desperate for some time alone when my sons were small. I needed a “time-out” in the worst way—for my sake and theirs. My only option at that point was to go into the bathroom and sit quietly on the floor. It only took a minute or so and I heard a voice outside the door, “Mom, did you know the light's not on in there?” “YES!” I knew. Ninety seconds does not count as sufficient solitude.

During our homeschooling years, I scheduled a quiet time in each school day—at least half an hour to quiet our bodies, minds and spirits—a time when we could daydream, listen to soft music, write or draw what we felt. My goal was that this would become a part of their adult life as well and for the most part each one does this still.

Each season of the year offers some delightful ways to spend a “time-out”...

  • drive through the country in Spring to see rebirth of nature
  • relax by a creek...a lake or preferably, the ocean
  • talk a walk among brilliant colored trees in autumn
  • sit by a crackling fire in winter and read

Some cultures enjoy an afternoon “siesta”. What a great idea! Creative people find ways to carve some time away from the bustle and are energized in their work.

I love the end of the day when everyone is asleep but me and I reflect on my life. I love the phones ringing, no TV, no Facebook, no text messages, no fingers poking me for my attention. It's a great time to develop listening hear that still, small voice.

Balance is tricky in all of this; sometimes we have too much alone time and long for companionship. We were created for relationship...but in the midst of it all, a well-planned “time-out” can be rejuvenating.

How long has it been since you enjoyed a “time-out”?

It's a privilege to introduce Rachel to you today. She is an awesome woman of God, gifted with many pearls of wisdom and a gift for expression. Rachel is a mom, grandma, and has been in ministry her entire adult life as pastor's wife. Now widowed, her love legacy with Pastor Joe continues to inspire others through her writings and her undying love for him and for God. 
Rachel is a freelance speaker/writer and personal caregiver.  She is a Woman of Virtue!!


  1. Rachel,
    I am envious that you had the privilege of living in Grand Caymen. It's rivals my time in South Africa for "most beautiful places I have ever been". Would love some "time out" there again!
    I so love my "time out" most anywhere though, and I so resonnate with enjoying dusk...and I love it just before dawn. The stillness is enveloping! Mmmmm...yummy time!
    Thanks for sharing with our women, Rachel! We Are Woven!

  2. Excellent words!

  3. Welcome Rachell, awesome words and what memories you have. So glad to have a new "soul sister!" SallyAnne Trissel


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