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LIFE LESSONS NYC: Turning Points

Our Woven Women on a Mission NYC!
Back Row: Jenn, Dustee, Cindy; Front Row: Megan, Cheryl, Karen, Kim
LIFE LESSONS NYC: Turning Points
by Megan Cuevas

When I first heard about the mission trip going to New York, I wasn’t really planning on going. I knew my Mom was going because she talked a little about it. About a week before the trip, my mom asked if I wanted to go because later that week our family would be there. I went because I absolutely LOVE New York. But honestly, I wasn’t excited about the first half of the week. I would be there with four adult women plus my mom…with only ONE bathroom in the hotel. I thought it was going to be weird with all adults and one teen. So the day we left, I pretty much slept the whole way there.

I was wondering what their impression of me was because, well, I am a teen! So I mostly just kept quiet UNTIL… on our way to our hotel we were behind a car that had just parked in the turn lane. You have to remember we were in a huge CHURCH van. Cindy was sitting in the front passenger seat. She used to live in the city so she already had that New York edge. My mother wouldn’t honk the horn so Cindy took control. Yelling at the black men sitting in the car with their windows open, she stuck her head out the window and said, “Pull up! Pull forward, just a foot! We can’t get around!” Everybody lost it…including me. I started to realize these are not ordinary women. In fact, they became my friends, no matter what the age. We all had a great time with each other.

It was time to get to work at the Lamb’s Church and The Rivington House. That’s where I met Dustee. She was a cool lady, but there was something different about her, not like most Christian women I have met. Sunday we went to the church and listened to a service I will never forget. It had two languages at once. My mom loved it. It was cool but I was overtired and it gave me a headache. But it really was amazing how fast the interpreter was with the words.

Then we had the luncheon which was so nice for the women. I met a lot of great people there. Everybody thought I was older, but they were still really nice to me, even when I told them I am only fourteen. There were amazing people who had great stories at the church, but that doesn’t even come close to what we did the next day.

On Monday, we went to the Rivington House and helped with HIV/AIDS patients. It for sure changed my view on everything. I was honestly scared at first…but it was the best part of the whole trip. (Besides shopping, of course!) I will never forget this one girl who always got excited when people came to see her. She couldn’t talk so she would always eek and it made me so happy to see her happy. When we sang to her is when I lost it. I was in tears of joy and sadness. Nobody knows her story but I didn’t need to know in order to love her. She’s amazing! And she made me realize how lucky I am.

I’m really glad I went on this trip to spend time with Kim, Karen, Cheryl, Cindy, and of course, my mom. I do not regret anything about that trip. It really was a turning point. And I would love to do it again!


What a joy it is to introduce you to my new friend Megan!
This trip would definitely not have been the same without her. I encouraged her mother to bring her, as I knew it would be a positive experience for all of us. Besides, I secretly couldn't wait to mother her myself! She is a special young woman. I so appreciate her perspective...and her words, "we became friends, no matter what the age!" We Are Woven!
I love you sweet BFF Megan!  ~Cindy

Megan Cuevas is just entering her freshman year in high school. What a full life she has had so far! She brings a unique perspective to readers as a teen, but also as an avid athlete and world traveler. Megan spent 10 years as a competitive gymnast, placing as National Champion, and now enjoys using her talents in volleyball and softball. She has also traveled extensively throughout her life, having visited 23 states and the country of Chile (where her grandparents live in Rancagua). Megan’s Christian life began in the Catholic Church as a young child, and evolved to where she is today (at Newark Naz), serving in the Student Community and participating in life groups. In addition to having a tender heart for the elderly, Megan has a special gift for understanding diversity.

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  1. I have watched Megan mature and become a lovely young lady who can "hold her own" in a group liker this. Great job giving your perspective on this, Megan!


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