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LIFE LESSONS NYC: Pleasure In the Plan

LIFE LESSON NYC: Pleasure In the Plan
by Karen LeMasters

Describing in words our trip to NYC was overwhelming. As I began jotting down notes on our way back home, I found that my hand could not keep up with my thoughts. How was I to express the joy that I had felt? As I continued to relive each day, Jeremiah 29:11 kept coming to my mind.

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you; plans to give you hope and a future."

God's plan. What was His plan for me? What was I to share? What touched my heart the most?

The Sunday we returned, Pastor Wes' sermon was on Jeremiah 29:11--not just a coincidence! He reminded all of us that God has a plan for us. When we continue to pray, we will find pleasure in the plan He has for us. Well, I certainly had found pleasures in NYC!

Now where do I start?

As I reflected on our plans for the trip from the beginning, I remembered how we prayed that God would use us "to be the hands and feet of Jesus". We continued to pray that many times on our trip. As I thought more and more about that prayer, and as I looked over my notes, I realized that not only were we the hands and feet of Jesus--we were surrounded by others who were the hands and feet of Jesus! We were blessed as well!

The Lamb's Church, a small bilingual church, was filled with God's spirit. The passion they had for the Lord was throughout the church, from Pastor Gabriel and his Chinese and Spanish interpreters to the musicians and the congregation.

The Rivington House residents have illnesses that are extremely challenging. Yet  they have joy in their hearts and it shines on their faces.

Most of all, we were blessed to spend time with Dustee Hullinger--a precious servant of the Lord. What a gift she has! She has been serving the Lord for many years and began a very unique ministry. Dustee created Gifted Hands Ministry to help individuals facing challenges in life. Through the years she has introduced many types of art-based programs, inspiring countless individuals in the midst of hardship, disease, poverty, difficult life circumstances. We were all blessed to see her in action! The energy she has for the Lord and to serve is amazing!

My last thought was how all six of us were blessed. Sightseeing, shopping, getting to know one another...that was part of God's plan too! What God has engraved on our hearts during this trip will be there forever, a bonus for all of us to savor. As in our pastor's sermon--we found PLEASURE in God's plan!

What a great joy to introduce you to Karen! She has such a heart for others and truly does love being the hands and feet of Jesus. I love this woman more and more. How blessed I am to have laughed and cried with her on this trip. Love you dear friend! God has Woven us together. ~Cindy '
Karen is retired after a lifetime career as a public school teacher. She loves to serve God, the church, and her family. She was instrumental in establishing and overseeing the food pantry at NewarkNaz. She has been a Woven Leader for three years and oversees our Gifted Hands Ministry.
Karen is married to Steve. They have three daughters, one son, and many grandchildren. She is actively engaged in raising the next generation for the Lord!

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