Saturday, June 23, 2012


Oh the things we'll do! Oh the places we'll go! Oh the things we will see! Oh the God-experiences that await us!

TODAY a team of our Newark Naz Woven leaders are on our way to Manhatten. My, oh my, do we need your prayers! (For starters, please pray for our road trip in the church van!) 

This is what our trip looks like:
We are departing 7am from Newark. Yes, we will be in that church van. All. Day. Long. Ohmyachingneck! :)

SUNDAY morning we will rise early, get ready for our day (picture 6 women in one hotel room with one bathroom, then pray!), and arrive at The Lambs Church of the Nazarene in lower Manhatten. Click on the link and you will see Woven on their homepage! Yay!

And the fun begins!
Before church, we will be prepping for a Woven Women's Luncheon. "Church" at the Lambs happens on two levels. The main floor hosts a Chinese Church. The second floor hosts a bilingual (Hispanic-American) church. On a normal Sunday, Pastors Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero lead this service. He preaches and she interprets.

Our Woven Team will work with Dustee Hullinger, as we bring these three cultures together for the first time in an event for women. God and Woven will be moving mountains to build a bridge of relationships among these women. Many do not speak English, so there will be a Chinese interpretor and a Hispanic interpretor. To make it even more interesting, we will include another population group to this potpourri of women: HIV/AIDS patients who live across the street in The Rivington House, an AIDS hospice. THIS IS A GROUND-BREAKING EVENT! for both Woven and The Lambs.

I will lead these women in a Woven session and our Woven Team will lead the discussion groups at the tables. Please pray for them as they will certainly be cross-culturally challenged!

MONDAY, we return to The Lambs to team up with Dustee through Gifted Hands ministry. We will be her servants by day, doing various tasks that will help move her work with more efficiency. We will be her ministers by night, as we participate in the Gifted Hands program at The Rivington House, a residential treatment facility for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY we will experience the sights and sounds of NYC! This will be a first for three of our ladies. Then we pile back into the church van for the long drive home on Thursday.

  • Pray for our Woven Team: Cheryl Simpson, Karen LeMasters, Kim Miller, Jenn Cuevas and daughter Megan, and myself (Cindy Stiverson).
  • Pray for Dustee Hullinger, for the women that we will minister to at The Lambs Church and for Gifted Hands at The Rivington House.
  • Pray for God to truly move through us and through these women. Pray He will raise up a leader to begin a Woven group at The Lambs.
  • Pray for our safety, for total unity of spirit among us.
  • And yes, pray for that church van to function properly and get us there...and back...safely!

"...being confident of this,
that he who began a good work in [us]
will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."
~Philippians 1:6NIV

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  1. Six years ago I took a team to The Lambs NYC. It was the first event for women at this location. We hosted a brunch and charity shop, which provided an opportunity for the Hispanic and American speaking women to get acquainted. I spoke to the group and Pastor Jeannette Salguero interpreted.
    There has not been an event for women since my team was there in 2006. We are in hopes that this weekend will launch a Woven group for these women to continue to be Woven into a tapestry of love!


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