Tuesday, June 19, 2012


by Margaret Slabach

Do you feel stuck?

Maybe you have what seems to be a dead-end job or you deal with nasty co-workers. You may have a great job but feel unsatisfied. Perhaps you are a stay-at-home mom...or wish you were.  Do you live in a beautiful home or is it an 800 sq. ft. box?

Regardless of our place and position in life, we often wish for something different. Unless you've made some really bad choices, God has you exactly where He wants you. Yet, so often rather than learning from our mistakes and enjoying life, we chaff at our designated spot. The grass always seems to look greener on the other side of the fence.

I pray the following word picture will bring a God-perspective to your current situation and encourage you in this season of life...

God, our Father, slowly opens the large puzzle box. With tender hands He quickly overturns the lid so the finished picture is not revealed. So many pieces, uniquely designed for His puzzle, spread across the heavenly table.

He handles each piece, seeing the color, the shape of each He so lovingly created. He picks up one piece with brilliant colors splashed across it, wondering if it will handle the central spot, the out-in-front place He desires. His hand caresses another with sharp corners and shadowed with grays. Will the assigned place be accepted?

On and on He goes, touching, handling, praying over each piece-- each piece so thoughtfully designed to complete His puzzle. He knows that some will rebel against the perfect spot chosen for them. He knows some will try to choose their own spot, trying to wedge in where they are not intended. He knows some will doubt His choice, but will, out of love, surrender to His desired place.

He knows that the pieces have such a limited view of the finished picture, seeing only what immediately surrounds them. He knows they don’t realize the profound impact that each will have when dovetailed with its neighbors.

But He knows that each carefully designed piece, with its special colors and shape, will bring richness to His creation, His puzzle, when it fits into His chosen spot.

He awaits the day when it is finished. Then He can show off what only He could have designed: A Divine Masterpiece!

Thoughts to Ponder:

• Will you accept the shape and place the Father has designed for you?
• What is holding you back from acceptance?
• Will you trust that God has chosen your spot in life, even if you disagree or don't understand?
Read the following scriptures and see what God says to you about your unique place and purpose.
       (Isaiah 43:21, 1 Cor. 12:12, 1 Cor. 12:18, 1 Cor. 1:27, John 15:16 & 19, Eph. 1:4) 

50 Days of Holy: Beyond Blending by Cindy Stiverson
50 Days of Holy: Unwrap Your Gifts by Cindy Stiverson

I have the privilege of introducing another great lady to you today. Margaret Slabach is multi-talented, and yet so humble. God is using her in many ways to build His kingdom. It's a blessing to share this friendship with you. Don't you just love the imagery God has given her...and she has given us? Thanks Margaret! You are a wonderful servant.
Love and Hugs

Margaret and her husband Jim are celebrating 40 years of marriage. They have 3 children and 8 multicultural grandchildren. She is the Office Manager at High Mill Church in Canton, Ohio.

Besides being grandma, she loves photography, reading, studying, and writing. She has unoffically published Trickles from the Soul, a compilation of her poetry and photography. Margaret's Blog


  1. Reading this again this morning, I am reminded of Woven's purpose statement from Colossians 2:2...
    "I want you Woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God."

    Thanks Margaret...what a perfect message to share with Woven. Appreciate your artistry with words!
    Love, Cindy

  2. Margaret, you are such an awesome lady, your words are always a breath of freshness. This story about the puzzle pieces, wow, especially how God is so careful not to let us see more of the picture, a few pieces at a time. Till the picture is complete and we are completely His. SallyAnne Trissel

  3. Margret Wow this is a powerful testimony of Gods love in your life! You have a way of sharing with others his love it shines right through you. I know what you mean about some wanting to see all the puzzle pices at once I myself am guilty of that at times. I thank you for sharing this with me it helps me keep in check that God knows exactly what he is doing and each puzzle pieice will be revealed in his time. Love you Karla


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