Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LIFE LESSONS: Climb That Mountain

LIFE LESSON: Climb That Mountain
by Debbie Paxton

I am engaged in a great battle and I am not quite sure I will survive – teaching my fifth grader long division. She hates math with a passion. In her eleven-year-old mind, long division was invented to torture her. She is convinced she will never have any use for it on this earth.

Each day I pray diligently before we begin. I pray for patience: mine and hers! I pray, not so much for wisdom or understanding on her part, but for her surrender to reality. She has to do math and there is no getting out of it!

As I’ve watched her struggle, the underlying issue became obvious –surrender. Her victory in math would come quickly and easily if she would only surrender to the fact that she cannot will, cry, or stomp her way out of it. Her attitude is blocking her ability to learn. I tell her this daily, but it falls on deaf ears. She’s convinced that if she complains or cries enough, eventually she will not have to do the math at all.

This has become my daily prayer:

“Abba, please help my child surrender to what is and not waste her energy on trying to change what cannot change. Help her, Lord, to surrender so that I can help her master this!”
Yet, as I pray, the Father gently whispers to my heart,

“I am working on it child, but what about you? Can you also surrender to what is? Will you stop trying to change the circumstances of your life, so I can help you master your situation? You can do all things through Christ. He will give you strength. But in order to receive His strength and help, you, too, must surrender.”

Suddenly, I realize that just like my daughter, I often rebel when life gets difficult. I pray, stomp, and cry out, expecting God to change my circumstances. I expect Him to move the mountain out of my way.

Sometimes He does. Sometimes I tell the mountain to move in Jesus name and it goes away. But sometimes…well, sometimes Papa says “No” to moving the mountain. Not go around it, or under it but over it – with His help and through His strength, step by difficult step. For many times it is during the journey of climbing the mountain with Him that we receive the greatest victories, we are refined more and more into His image and the fruits of His Holy Spirit are displayed in us.

If we avoid the mountain, we miss out on great blessings, we miss the greater lesson. Through surrender to what is and the reaching out for His hand to help us climb that mountain, comes the victory. Sometimes, most times, surrender is what we need most. And the view from that mountaintop is glorious!

"Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
...He will teach us his ways,
so that we may walk in his paths."
~Micah 4:2 NIV1984

God led me to this video.
It's so beautiful and the perfect ending to today's devotional.
Grab a tissue. Praise our Lord.
Take His hand and climb that mountain!
Know that you are loved!

It's a joy to introduce you to my close friend and personal prayer partner, Debbie Paxton. As you can tell, she has a deep love for the Lord. She is very gifted in the Spirit and a powerful intercessor.
Thanks Deb, you're awesome!
Debbie is very happily married to Dave. She set aside her career to raise her three daughters. This past year, she re-entered her chosen field of counseling, this time with years of life experiences through which she is able to help others. She loves to work out, ride her bike on the trail, and hang out with the Lord.

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  1. Beautiful devotional. These devotionals are a treat to look forward to each morning! Grace

    1. Thank you Grace! So appreciate YOUR devotion! Love you

  2. Deb,
    What I love most about this story is that I can totally see you on the side of that mountain, working your way to the top! You rock, my friend!
    Love ya!

  3. As Mothers and mentors we have all felt this struggle, thank you for putting words to it, Debbie. Praise Thee Father for bringing all these Woven Women together who cherish the opportunity to be the vessel you use to get your messages to those who need encouragement. And thank you Cindy for adding the perfect video. We all feel so blessed Cindy for having you in our lives. SallyAnne Trissel


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