Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm excited to announce our new Summer Series: "Life Lessons".

Our circle of writers is growing and I look forward to introducing these wonderful women of virtue to you. Together, we will pass along the lessons we've learned by just living life:
  • the trials and triumphs
  • the rises and falls
  • the ebb and the flow
  • the rainbows in our clouds
  • the ups and downs of attempting to live a life committed to Christ
Hindsight is 20/20, right?

So, I have asked our Woven Women to pull out their old journals and start mining for gold...those precious moments when we feel so helpless and hopeless and then...God steps in! He turns our terror into treasure. 

I have no doubt that we will be sharing some of the very situations you are dealing with, worrying and wondering and waiting for the storm to pass. Your spirit will be strengthened just knowing that one of our Woven Sisters has walked before you and they have not only made it to the other side, but they are better women because of their experience! 

As I write this, my three-year-old grandson has been pulling and tugging at me, ready to go the beach. It's going to be a wonderful day with family. I know these are moments I will treasure in my heart forever. There is no doubt that through the eyes of my two little grandbabes, God will show me something very special about life today. I'm excited to find these buried treasures in the sand.

Ooops...they left without me...Grampy called out, "See ya later, Girlie!" And Jude echoed his words, "See ya Girlie! Have fun in your house!" My heart is smiling big-time! 

Gotta Go! See ya Girlies! :D 

LIFE LESSONS...beginning Monday, June 4th, right here at Woven Women
PS: I love you!

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