Friday, April 27, 2012

*!~*GIVE-AWAYS*~!* during 50 Days of Holy!

will it be for you?

We all love free gifts, don’t we? During this 50 DAYS OF HOLY! I am giving away some of my art, maybe some gift cards for our fave places, or maybe a gift certificate from our Woven Women who have small businesses.

  • Become a Follower or Member at
  • Leave a Comment on a Blog Post
    • Please note that a URL address is not necessary for leaving a comment. You can simply type in your name and submit your response.
  • Go to the Woven Women Facebook Page and click “LIKE”
  • Post something of interest for our Woven ladies on the FB Page
  • Leave a comment on the FB Page
  • Share a posted devotional on your FB wall
  • Message me a short personal story that I can develop into a devotional
Any of these activities will put your name in the hat for a random give-away each week! The more you do, the greater your chances of winning. Each week, I am just waiting for someone to "WOW" me! It's my way of saying "Thanks abunch!" for helping to weave our women's hearts closer together.

>>What do you love about Woven? Would love to hear from you!

>>How have you experienced the Holy Spirit's presence in your life? Please share so we can GROW together!

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