Tuesday, March 13, 2012

40 Days of Virtue: A Well Known Hubby

"A Well Known Hubby"
by Kim Dent
Kim will be presenting an interpretive dance at our upcoming
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"Her husband is well known at the city gates,
where he sits with the other civic leaders."
Proverbs 31:23

Recently my husband, Mark, received an amazing honor as an inductee into the Midwest Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. His cute little picture was on the front page of the Midwest Real Estate News Magazine with a nice article all about him and his leadership style....actually several nice articles in several different construction trade magazines. This was a REALLY BIG DEAL

But, guess what...
Confession #1: I had no idea he had received this honor.
Oh, I remember hearing him say something about an email he had sent me. But in the rush of all MY plans and MY ministry and MY daily "to do" list...the email was forgotten.

Confession #2: I didn't see it as a priority.
As is often true for me, emails are simply "out of sight, out of mind". And even my hubby's precious email remained unopened in my cluttered inbox.  After several days, it simply got lost in cyberspace!
After an entire week had passed, Mark asked again, "Have you opened my email?"
My response, "I plumb forgot! What was it about?"

Girlfriends, I can't tell you how ashamed I was when my sweet man sheepishly went to his laptop and opened the email he had sent me. This amazing magazine article popped up on the screen with a big ol' picture of my beloved, boasting all kinds of honors and recognition from his field. My husband was "well known at the city gates"....and I was completely CLUELESS! This blonde bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh was totally out of the loop, not knowing what was going on in her hubby's life. You can only imagine how horrible I felt!

I wonder about this Proverbs 31 woman, the wife of noble character. Did she, with all her good works & responsibilities of running the household, ever forget to ask her hubby how HE was doing? Did her ministry to the poor and her real estate deals ever compete with her role as #1 fan and helpmate, his Ezer Kenegdo? This Hebrew word for helpmate means: to surround, protect, aid, defend and gird up. Those are pretty big shoes to fill! 

I don't really know if the wife of noble character ever struggled...she's not saying! I just know that I do and I'm pretty sure that you do too. Busy women can get our priorities a little mixed up. Not to worry, "His mercies are new every morning."

I was forgiven and I was sure to brag about my hubby's accomplishments to everyone I know. But I am more aware than ever of this: It is MY JOB to know my husband BETTER than anyone at the city gates! After all, God appointed ME to be his #1 fan!

Girlfriends, please learn from my very humbling mistake!
  • Defend your husband.
  • Be his #1 cheerleader.
  • Stand by him, encourage him as he takes his position in the workforce. 
You are the only person that can fulfill this particular ministry to your hubby. You alone have been anointed for and appointed to this role.

Ephesians 6:33 shares the greatest felt need that wives are called by God to address:  "the wife must respect her husband." Respecting your husband will help him rise to the occasion and be the man God intended him to be. My prayer today is that God will equip, empower, and encourage each of us to carry out this important role with excellence.

Please take a few moments and reflect: 
  • How do you/can you be more respectful of your husband?
  • Do you stop what you are doing and take time to greet him when he walks through the door?
  • Do you speak to him with a sharp tongue? Or with words that encourage and soothe?
  • Take some time to journal about your relationship and pray earnestly for your husband. Pray for God to protect him from temptation and to show you ways in which you can address his need for respect. 

Kim has been married to her high school sweetheart for 26 years. She and Mark have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Emily, a rescued mutt named Otis and a pleasantly plump cat named Oscar.
A former social worker and real estate agent, Kim now serves full time as Women's Ministry Director at High Mill Church in Canton, OH. Her mission is to inspire women toward courageous authenticity and freedom in Christ. She desires to be a woman who lives and loves like Jesus.
She is a Woven Women: a Woman of Virtue...and a very dear friend!

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