Monday, March 19, 2012

40 Days of Virtue: Generations of Love

"Generations of Love"
Woven Leader Lynn Haney

She carefully watches everything in her household
and suffers nothing from laziness.
Proverbs 31:27

This passage causes me to reflect on the past, to think about how I became a keeper of the house. It's not hard to figure out. I have been blessed with generations of the most wonderful women; women who taught by example what it is to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. They were living examples of what it is to be a woman who loves God.

It may sound strange but the love for my husband and children began to grow in my heart long before I ever knew them. As a little girl, my Grandmother told me the most amazing stories from her life. As she wove each memory, she was planting deep in my heart and mind the love of family and the desire to be a wife and mother. Oh, what a godly woman she was! Oh what amazing stories she told!

My grandmother's stories are as fresh in my mind today as they were the day she told them. Her family migrated to America from Ireland. They were quite poor. She openly shared about her third grade education, dropping out of school to become a nanny and housekeeper for a family near her home. At nineteen, she married my wonderful grandfather. They had fifteen children! My grandpa passed away young, leaving her with ten still to raise.  The youngest was only six months old.

I don't ever remember my grandmother complaining. She trusted that God would walk with her as she struggled to provide for her family. She always told me what a blessing each of her children was. She thanked God daily for placing each one in her care. Four of her sons followed in their father's footsteps and went into ministry. This made her so very proud! She showed me that a godly woman loves the job and tasks placed upon them as a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love to close my eyes and remember...I can hear her now, as I did then. She is in the kitchen, cooking and singing “Amazing Grace”. Oh what a joyous sound!

I have witnessed my grandmother's legacy by watching my mother. Life was not so good in our home. My father was an alcoholic, but mom did an awesome job making our home happy. She gave us everything she had, and she had lots of love. I remember as a teenager, my mom was still wearing the same clothes she had been wearing my entire life. Yet, she, like her mother, never complained. I can remember walking to the store for groceries. I thought I was so grown up when I was big enough to carry the bag of potatoes. She was never too busy for her children. She taught us to love God. We prayed. We learned that God answers and always provides what we need.

Now I am a wife, mother, and grandmother!
I thank God for His many blessings. He placed three wonderful boys in my arms and asked me to raise them as godly men. For twenty-six years, I have been asking him to guide me on this amazing journey of love.

Being a godly wife and mom is more than just keeping a clean house, cooking, taking kids to all their activities, and all the while working to help keep the house going. You have to know when to let all those things go.
  • Take time to just be a friend.
  • Pray with your kids.
  • Let them see you worship.
  • Let them see you cry out for help when you feel you are losing control.
  • Let them see that God needs to come first in our lives.
My grandmother died when I was only thirteen years old. She did not have the joy of seeing me become the wife or mother she had taught me to be. I like to think if she were still with us, she would be smiling and filled with pride as I try to fill her shoes, to walk in her footsteps.

As for my mom, I am lucky that she is still a huge part of my daily life. I guess I do not say one thing often enough, “Thank you, Mom!”

Lynn is a wife, mother, grandmother, and caretaker extraordinaire! She is a woman who is up for every challenge in her life and in the lives of others. She is a caterer and wedding planner. She loves the Lord and loves people. Lynn is a woman committed to prayer, to the church, her family, and to her friends. She is a Woven Woman: a woman of virtue!


  1. Lynn, your words of reflection really bless my heart this morning. Thanks for sharing. You did a great job! I love you! ~Cindy

  2. Lynn, you forgot to mention how you have taken on your daughter and grandchildren as well as your three boys! :) We are so very blessed to have you!


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