Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mom, I Miss You!

We've heard it said and have often found it true:
You don't know the value of a treasure until you're without it.
We take for granted the things in life that seem so readily available.
   A paperclip, a rubber band, to hold things together.
   A tissue, or a napkin, to wipe our nose, to clean our face, to absorb our tears.
   A Bible to speak words of wisdom and instruction and life and love.
And a Mother, who is all these things and more.
   She is readily available.
   She holds things together.
   She wipes our nose, cleans our face (and everything else!).
   She absorbs our tears and calms our fears.
  "She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue." (Proverbs 31:26)
   She loves.

It's been only 12 hours since my mother has passed into the gates of our heavenly home and I miss her already. Her quick wit. Her humor. Her charm. And her warm smile served her well to the very end. As did our Lord Jesus Christ, who so graciously allowed her to slip quietly and peacefully into His arms.
She simply stopped breathing.

"She had the nicest personality of any resident I have ever taken care of since I've been a caregiver."
~Words spoken by a nurse's aid in the grief of her passing.

I am thankful for and appreciative of the love and prayers of my Sisters in Christ. Many have offered, "Let me know if there is anything I can do."

At this point in time, my answer is this:

If your mother is still living, would you please give her a hug for me?
   And tell her that you love her.
If it's been awhile since you've seen her, ~please tell her that you've missed her.
   And, make a plan to see her soon.

As I stood at her bedside in those priceless moments after her passing, I wanted to touch her skin as much as I could while there was still warmth in her body; to nuzzle my nose against her head and breathe in the scent of her hair while she was still there. Priceless treasures that I took for granted for 81 years. 
Mom, I love you! And, I miss you already!

Sisters, thank you so much for your prayers for me, for my mother, for my family. The Lord has been faithful to answer in His perfect timing, in His perfect way.


  1. Cindy, you and your family will remain in my prayers. It is very hard to know in these times what to say, it just does not seem enough to simply say "I am sorry for your loss", the only words I can come up with now is "I love you, you are very special to each of your sisters in christ. I feel lucky to have you in my life. And lastly my heart hurts for your loss, I will say a special prayer for your. Thank you for your words of wisdom."
    Lynn Haney

  2. Beautifully written truths, Cindy. I hurt with you... These sacred moments are treasures no one can take away...walking someone "home" is an honor. Wouldn't you like to be on the other side to hear the "Welcome Home, Margaret! We've missed you!" greeting. Thinking of you... Rachel Blevins

  3. Mom, this is beautifully written and brought me to tears...once again. Thank you for taking time to share these heartfelt words with us. I love you. I saw you yesterday, but I still miss you. And I will have a hug for you when I see you tomorrow.

  4. I pray that God will fill the void left by her passing with His love and peace. Praying for you!
    Mary Hofacker

  5. Cindy, I did not know this when I saw you today!! My prayers are with you and your sister. May you be richly blessed during these days of change. You are such a Godly and beautiful daughter, mother, grandmother, sister, wife, and friend! And, I wish I could hug you a little tighter again today. Love You ~ Heidi


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