Friday, July 22, 2011

Come to the Fire and Enter His Rest!

Ladies, God is delivering a very special package to Central Ohio this fall!  A team of God-called speakers, writers, and musicians are praying and preparing to minister to US! I hope you won't miss this opportunity to experience His presence and power to heal, to cleanse, to forgive, to meet the needs of each individual. "Come to the Fire is for all women desiring a holy heart. Keynote speaker Beth Coppedge explains, 'The conferences have one purpose—to challenge women to have a "squeaky clean" heart.'" The conference begins 7pm Thursday evening, Sept. 29th,  and concludes at noon on Saturday,Oct. 1.

Grove City Church of the Nazarene, 4770 Hoover Road, Grove City, Ohio, is hosting this year's event with the theme, ENTER HIS REST. "God offers us no better promise than this: There remains, 'a Sabbath-rest for the people of God.' (Hebrews 4:9)...The surrendered life is a life of rest, joy and peace. God longs to give us this restful life of abiding in Christ. I invite you to Come to the Fire! Come to discover how to live the restful life you’ve always wanted."~Aletha Hinthorn, Director, Come to the Fire

No excuses, Ladies!!  In their obedience to God and desire to include every woman on this journey, this group of women has removed a huge obstacle from our path:
That's right! And to match that offer, NewarkNaz is offering free transportation to this event. So, no worries about gas prices either!  Just meet us in the church parking lot at 5pm, Thursday evening, Sept. 29th, at the corner of S. Williams Street & Burt Avenue, Newark.
  • Please let us know if you will be commuting with us so we can plan ahead!!! 
  • We will NOT be spending the night; we will commute each day from the church.
  • Thursday session is 7-9pm (meet at 5pm to commute)
  •  Friday sessions are 9am-9pm; and Saturday, 9am - noon (meet at 7:30 am both days to commute) 
  • Pick up a brochure and/or sign up at the Information Desk, Williams Street location or by contacting me.
  • Click here to read more and register for Come to the Fire!  or click on the link at the top of this webpage.
  • Be sure to sign up if you want to travel with our group!
  • This is an open invitation! You don't have to attend NewarkNaz to commute with us. We welcome all women to join us!


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