Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Woven Gifted Hands Outreach Has Begun!

Oh~What a night~! The Courage House dining room was overflowing with enthusiasm, chatter, and laughter last Monday evening when our Woven Women transformed it into a hands-on jewelry class. The long glass table became a circle of newfound friends in less than an hour! Eight Woven Women, five residents and one adorable toddler connected at a heart level, sharing a bit about themselves, their lives, and their faith.

I have to admit: these young ladies have stolen my heart. I know my Woven sisters feel the same way! I can't imagine waiting an entire month to interact with them again. They were so receptive and grateful that we came to spend time with them. And we... well, we were all in our "mother-mode", ready to adopt them, wrap them in a security blanky and carry them home!

This journey has just begun~As always, God brought together kindred spirits, kindred stories, and has begun the work of knitting our hearts together in love! In the guise of making a bracelet, God was softening hearts and tending wounds, even shaping dreams. The image of those thirteen faces gathered around the table is forever branded in my mind. With forty of our Woven Women showing interest in participating in a Gifted Hands ministry, all I can say is:  "Look-out Newark, here we come!"

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