Thursday, February 17, 2011

uPdates: A Recap!

Whew! Would someone please tell me where the time has gone? It's been an entire month since I posted. But that is certainly NOT because there is nothing happening: quite the opposite!

CREATING QUIET SPACES:  So many adjectives come to mind: refreshing, intimate, clarity of mind and peace of heart. The theme for this 24 hour retreat: Revelations of Love.  That is certainly His heart for us!  As we came together on Friday night, the women were expectant and also a bit curious as to what they would do with all their "quiet" time. When we closed on Saturday, they were amazed at how quickly the time had passed. In their words:

~"Being alone with God is such an awesome experience. I so needed that time to pray, to journal, to reflect, but mostly to be still. The quiet time restored in me the love that the Lord has for me—what a great confirmation! Laying all my struggles at the feet of Jesus was what I did in those hours of quiet. I have such a peace now—not answers—but peace…"
~"Many people are fearful of silence, but I assure you of this, you will be amazed at what you don't hear and truly more amazed at what you do hear. 24 hours goes by very quickly because the Lord keeps you busy praying, reading His word and whispering in your ears to teach and bring peace and comfort to your heart."
~"I loved the experiential exercises that Cindy put together for us. I got so excited that I could hardly wait to go to the next station."
 ~"The time with God was glorious and it was like I could not devour enough of God’s word. I was like a little girl at the candy store, ”I wanted to gobble up (soak in) as much of God as I could. Although I love to eat, it was like my heart was grieving when I broke away to feed my physical body!” …REALLY!  Break Away.."

 As we were leaving, these ladies were all asking, "When can we do this again?" 

Wow! What a day! This was a speaking engagement through my daughter's ministry: OneVoiceEnterprises. 100 courageous women embarked on this journey into our past. Nicole spoke in the morning. I spoke in the afternoon. The topic: sexual abuse. They were amazed by us, but I am amazed by them.
As I reflect on the faces, the conversations, the questions, the stories of these women:  I am in awe! They were so brave to spend their Saturday on such a serious and sensitive topic. As the snow was piling up outside, the Lord was melting away the ice on many a heart inside. The tears I observed as I spoke revealed the healing that was taking place on a deeper level.

The Q & A session afterward was astounding. These women boldly asked questions; they also had much to offer. The situations they have faced, and we were there to address, reflect a large-scale epidemic with millions suffering silently. To those who attended, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your strength to step out, to speak up, to do the work required to heal and to come alongside others in need of healing. 

The best part of the day:  I believe every one of us was WOW-ed by God's love & deliverance!

"I thank my God every time I remember you...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus"  ~Philippians 1:3,6

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