Monday, October 25, 2010

NewarkNaz Woven Groups to Begin!

November marks a fresh start for our Woven Life Groups!

Our "tapestry of love" is growing! We have 7 home groups this year and each is busting at the seams with returning women, new women and renewed energy. At last count, there will be 110 women embarking on the journey together this winter. (This is nearly a 50% increase over last year: a tribute to God's love for His women!) We can expect to be "wow-ed" as we discover, experience, and practice the hospitality of God.

If you have signed up to be in a NewarkNaz Woven group, you can expect to receive a postcard invitation in the mail with the name of your hostess and directions to her home. If you've not received this by mid-week, please notify me or your Group Leader. We don't want to miss anyone!

Besides directing and leading our Group Leaders, I am excited to be personally leading a group this year. Yvonne Hammond is my Co-leader and we are meeting on Monday, November 1st in Yvonne's home. Here is a list of the other groups:

Mon, Nov. 1st Leaders: Cheryl Simpson/Karen LeMasters
Hostess: Karan Freeman

Mon, Nov. 1st Leaders: Julie Powless/Patti Busch
Hostess: Julie Powless

Mon, Nov. 1st Leaders: Pauline Slayman/Jayme Diener
Hostess: Pauline Slayman

Mon, Nov. 1st Leaders: Danielle Grady/Colleen Goodhart
Hostess: Colleen Goodhart

Thur, Nov. 4th Leaders: Julie Hunt/Karen Brechbill
Hostess: Julie Hunt

Sat, Nov. 13th Leaders: Jill Gillespie/Candy Link
Hostess: Jill Gillespie

We can't wait to "get to know you" as we "get to know God"! See you next week!

~If you are not in a Woven group, but would like to be you can contact me by commenting on this post or through

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reflections from Monday Night

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What a great night with the girls! "Surely the presence of the Lord was in this place!" This was the comment that several spoke following our time together. I counted 78 ladies sharing around tables as I led from the podium. From where I was perched, all 78 faces were aglow with the glory of the Lord! (or was it the candlelight?:)

Thank you all for coming! And a special thanks to all my leaders for being so outstanding: we know who you are. Thanks also to Pat Weaver for working behind the scenes to feed us. Thanks to Joey and Tina Spencer for their amazing skills in setting up/tearing down.

I thought you might enjoy an encore of the special "Dessert for the Soul" that Kelly (& Mark) blessed us with. Click on the link below and grab a huge serving of God's love for you today!
Then: Go on out there and give someone else a sampling!

show hospitality. make eye contact. smile. listen. lend a hand. love your neighbor as yourself.

"He Loves Us!" (that's something to smile about!)

i love you too! that's why I'm smiling :)

How He Loves Us - Kim Walker / Jesus Culture

Monday, October 4, 2010

Woven Coffee House & Table Talk


Excitement is brewing for our Woven Coffee House & Table Talk, 6pm tonight at Newark Church of the Nazarene, 200 S. Williams Street in Newark, Ohio. What an incredible reponse we've had!

90++ women, ages 22-77, will kick-off another season of Woven at NewarkNaz.

If you've not yet signed up, send me a FB message, email or just show up! Childcare will be provided downstairs. If you don't have time to grab dinner, No Worries! We have a variety of foods prepared to entice you. If you don't want to come alone~Bring a Friend!

It's going to be a great time with "the girls" and with our God!

For those who are planning to attend~See you there! :)