Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Ultimate!

I wanted to brighten up your winter blahs with the cover of this newly released book, The Ultimate Bird Lover!
Not only is it a beautiful book filled with full-color photos of our feathered friends, but it is chocked full of interesting stories and advice from bird lovers. IN FACT, Yours Truly is a contributing writer to this book!
"Whistle While You Work" is the story of how I became enchanted, and challenged by a house wren who chose to make my birdfeeder her home. I hope you will take the time to check it out (of the library or at your favorite bookstore or online)! It will be like taking a vacation without leaving home!
The Ultimate Series is a line of books from HCIBooks, the same publisher of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Be watching for another addition to this line of books, The Ultimate Christian Living, which will be released in March of this year. In this book, you will find my story submission, "Baskets of Blessings".
Thanks so much for your support, and Happy Reading!

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