Monday, November 16, 2009

NEWARKNAZ WOVEN GROUPS are up and running! We had our first home gatherings earlier this month. The women are loving their time together. The Lord has truly blessed this ministry with 12 amazing Group Leaders partnering to lead six groups with a total of 77 women! Can I just tell you that I LOVE THESE WOMEN?! It is an incredible blessing to serve the Lord with them!

Following are a few reports on their time together:

~~Monday night was awesome—so much sharing and opening of hearts….Words cannot express the presence of the Holy Spirit that night…It’s amazing how needed this ministry is and how open these women were to share---I truly believe we are woven together already----thank you so much for your heart for women and the preparation you have devoted to all of us---we all love and appreciate you….

~~Hello--I just want to thank you for welcoming us into your beautiful home. Ienjoyed meeting all of you and getting to know you. It was just the night I was needing!!! I look forward to seeing you all inDec. (if not before)

~~Being a newbie to the church, I want to say thank you to the gals for making me feel so welcome. It was great meeting all of you and I also look forward to our gathering in December.

~~Dear Sisters in the Lord! My, Oh my! I am still rejoicing tonight over the time we spent together last night. I love the verse our dear Cindy has given to us, "I want you woven into a tapestry of love in touch with all there is to know of God." Col. 2:2

~~Our Woven meeting last night was fabulous! All 13 of us came. A few ladies opened up last night with comments and questions. I can't wait until we're into it a few months as I believe this will be a great way to get to know these ladies more closely. THANKS FOR ALLOWING GOD TO WORK THROUGH YOU!YOU ARE A BLESSING TO MANY PEOPLE!

~~We had a wonderful time together tonight! I couldn't believe how open everyone was, with this being our first time together. I know it was a blessing for me, and I hope the others felt that way also.

~~We had a great evening. Everyone seemed to click well and I am thankful. God has started a work, which I believe will be a blessing to these women.

~~The women seemed very relaxed and openly shared. It was a great first night together!

~~What a lovely time of sharing we had Sat. Morning. We had a total of 7 ladies. Two ladies were new to the church and their husbands are not saved nor do they attend. It was obvious this is a heavy burden for both. Our leader's words were filled with warmth and wisdom. Her voice is gentle and as smooth as velvet. The power of the Holy Spirit is evident in her life and a witness to our ladies. Already we are looking forward to our group in December!

If you would like to more information about bringing WOVEN to the women in your church or community, please contact me by posting a comment to this blog or by emailing me at

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