Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just have to share my excitement for what God is going to do for the women at NewarkNaz!
We had our FIRST EVER NEWARKNAZ WOVEN Group Leader Gathering on Monday night. I could hardly sleep that night thinking about these women and the love God was placing in my heart for them.

Eleven women are ready to lead WOVEN groups! These women are awesome; already rolling up their sleeves, and rest assured, "their arms are strong for the task". (Proverbs 31:17).

Sixty-eight women and counting...have signed up to attend our
Coffee House and Table Talk: an informal small group experience in a large group setting. I will be leading from the platform and the group leaders will be leading from the tables. We will be experiencing Session One of WOVEN: A Monthly Oasis of Women! Then, the women will all have the option of signing up to be in a WOVEN small group. WOVEN Home Groups meet once per month for 9 consecutive months.

Please pray for us as we provide this life-changing ministry to women! Thanks so much!

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