Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My wonderful new friend Kimberly Dent:
Women's Ministry Director Extraordinaire!
High Mill Church of the Resurrection, Canton, Ohio
(She's the one on the right! That's me on the left! HA!)


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  2. Lynda!
    So good to hear from you! Thanks so much! It thrills me to know that you've found more freedom. You've been on my mind and I keep picturing you under the weeping willow. So cool!
    LY! Cindy

  3. Wow!Good to hear from you too! God has Taken me from under the weeping willow. I can be safe with him in all places. He is with me always and I can see where he always was even in those really bad times. I feel so full of love and peace. I've never quit known this feeling before. It is really really nice!! Thank you again and to Kim for doing the work of the Lord..I see myself telling my story someday to a large group of people..God will put me to work when the time is right. I hope to see you again! Lynda

  4. Lynda!
    Sorry, somehow I deleted your comment! So I'm pasting it here:

    I had a wonderful time at Beulah Beach. I needed the time away. I also needed to hear, feel and let go of some emotional baggage. It was the perfect message for me to hear GOD really does meet your needs. I think you are a very in tune with the Holy Spirit and that makes you such a great speaker. I could feel Gods love run through you. It was better than being under the tree...Thanks Lynda

  5. Wow! I am so proud of you! Praising God for the incredible change in your life. That is HUGE! Wondering: did you pray in agreement with me when I offered the invitation to be sanctified?

  6. Yes! I prayed to be in agreement with you to be sanctified! I also prayed a prayer of peace over my Family and my house and that God put his warring Angels to work over my house before I got home..I wanted my sanctuary back. I took back what was stolen from me as a child..My home became my safe place.This is so Awesome! The Devil had to give it to me My Daddy said so..HEE! HAA!I've never been able to say or write these things, or even think them for that matter. My husband Had a prophetic word given to him on that Sunday that had been an answer to my prayers about him. He took that word very seriously. Whoohoo..! GOD IS SO AWESOME!

  7. GOD IS SO AWESOME FOR SURE! You are awesome too! I am so impressed with the change in your life. Yes, God has sanctified you and empowered and equipped you! Incredible good news! I love it that your home is now your sanctuary, your safe place. My home is my sanctuary too: a dwelling place of the Lord.
    Thanks so much for sharing, Lynda!
    Praising God for you and with you!

  8. Hi, I wanted to let you know how much more God has done with me and my walk since Beulah Beach. I have now stepped into a leadership position as the Head of our Womens Ministry. Our church has not had a organized womens ministry since I started there in 2002. There have been a few women who have tried and failed. I believe it's because,God was keeping the position open for ME! I've been praying for years for him to reveal to me my place of ministry in our church.He did and I knew, but thought how could it be me, being this broken thing that I am? After my Beulah Beach experience with the Lord he has shown me how all of the thing that has happened are just what it will take for me to know and understand what other women are going through. It will also help with the ones that have never known the kind of abuse or fear we have known. God is so good! He will have to lead the charge for sure..I'm at his mercy..but that makes it just right..it will be all about him because, I will rely totally on him for guidence.A friend said to me before I went to Beulah Beach, "why walk when you can run with God"! So I'm off on my Marathon with him!I Love him and he Loves me!

  9. Praising the Lord with you, Lynda! Wow! This is awesome! The change in you is something only God could do: from fear to total love and reliance upon the Lord. Surrendered and sanctified, you are totally a vessel God can use to lead other women to the fullness in Christ you have personally experienced! I am so proud of you! And, your testimony makes me love the Lord and love doing His work even more.

    I am praying for you as you make decisions and seek the Lord for the wisdom to know how to meet the needs of the women under your care. Please let me know if I can be of help to you in any way.

    Praising Jesus!


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