Wednesday, September 2, 2009

8 days and counting down...Sept. 11-13, High Mill Church of the Ressurrection Ladies Retreat at Beulah Beach in Vermillion, Ohio. These are some God-loving, prayer warrior, spirit-filled women, rallying around their fearless leader Kim Dent!
I can't wait to finally meet them! My heart is so full! I want to teach them everything God has taught me! :) The theme: "Hey Girlfriend, What's in Your Bag?"
We're talking about Knowing God, Knowing Ourselves, and Knowing Each Other TRANSFORMATIONALLY! And, it's all about being transparent, giving Jesus our baggage, and embracing the freedom of God's love for us! God has hand-selected and is prepared to transform each and every one of the 104 women who will be spending the weekend together: including me, their speaker!

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